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The artistic direction of Cinematik aims to obtain a cinematographic rendering.

Composed of slow motion and retouched colors, the goal is to have a rendering that floats between reality and perfection.

Whether for corporate videos or reports, everything will be in place to create an artwork

Cinematik has the latest high-end hardware for breathtaking quality. This includes multiple cameras, go pros, drones, tracking rails, stabilizers, HF microphones, and many more.

Pricing depends on the workload for each project.

• Script writing

• Shooting

• Sound recording

• Editing

• Calibration


The cinematic photo service is intended to be similar to the video service.

Each image is worked to have a professional and purely creative rendering.

Cinematik can also create montages with a visual adapted to your request such as posters or posts for social networks.

We are equipped with several lenses, light and green screen.

Pricing depends on the workload for each project.



• Lighting

• Shooting

• Editing

• Visual creation


Cinematik gives importance to sound and music.

These two elements are necessary in order to improve the spectator's immersion and the transmission of emotions.

Trained as a sound engineer and musician, Cinematik can easily provide superior sound quality to your video.

From film musics to jingles, our musical compisitions are varied.

Pricing depends on the workload for each project.


Sound recording

• Editing / mixing

• Musical composition

• Rendering for broadcast standard


Cinematik has grown by offering a web solution to its customers.

Our mission is to make your media reflect your image with a creative touch.

Websites, webshops or even an online menus, we offer you several possibilities.

Pricing depends on the workload for each project.

website creation

webshop / online card creation